Connecting the stars – Making Lifeline a watertight proposition and gifting it with love

the challenge

In 2021, Lifeline’s Text crisis support service operated from midday to midnight. If someone contacted Lifeline Text outside of those hours, they were directed to call Lifeline instead. But for many people, especially those at crisis point, typing can be more accessible than talking. It was crucial for Lifeline Text to be available 24/7.

Tara’s beloved brother, Adam, took his own life when he was just 20 years old. He was a prolific writer with a promising future, and Tara believes Adam might still be here today if a service such as Lifeline Text existed at the time of his death in 1988.

Lifeline asked for FED’s help in combining this modern-day need with Tara’s decade’s old tragedy for their 2021 Tax appeal.

how we tackled it

Tara had written a book about her experiences, so we promptly devoured every heartbreaking word. Through the book, we learned that Adam made the decision to end his life at 1:30am—a time when Lifeline’s Text crisis support was not currently available.

This crucial detail formed the crux of the proposition: a tax-deductible gift by 30 June would help Lifeline extend its Text Crisis Support hours by 50%, from 10am to 4am, including the critical hours of the early morning. It would help Lifeline reach people like Adam before it’s too late.

Tara’s book was so moving, FED recommended gifting it to a select group of high value supporters. Lifeline approached the publisher, who very kindly agreed to donate 25 books to this Tax appeal. Each book was lovingly signed by Tara herself—complete with the donor’s name—and individually wrapped in kraft paper and navy ribbon.

In addition, these donors also received an actual album with photos from Tara personal collection (printed at the local Officeworks, of all places!).

the result

Despite mailing just 7,600 donors and 24,000 email contacts, Lifeline’s 2021 Tax appeal raised over $413,000 in gross income—52% above target. Almost one in five direct mail recipients were inspired to donate to the campaign.

Previously, the Top 25 donors had collectively donated $25,600. But in this campaign, they gave $67,250—a 163% increase, and a return of nearly 18 to 1.

It was such a pleasure to bring this incredible campaign to life and, best of all, Lifeline’s Text Service is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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